Rapid Application Development and Low Code Platform

We are a Madhya Pradesh Based information technology company with a team of more than 15 years of experience in handling various technology projects across industries, we at YashFincon hold strong expertise in areas of technology consulting, solutioning and product engineering. The Platforms we use are few of the top Low Code Platforms in this technology, which are OUTSYSTEMS, MENDIX and APPIANS

These tools help in the fast development of code by minimizing hand-coding efforts. These platforms not only help with coding but also with the quick setup and deployment. With these platforms, you don’t have to write the code line-by-line. It will allow you to draw a flowchart and the code will get created. Code-development gets faster with this method.


Tagline: Build Enterprise-Grade apps Fastly.

OutSystems will allow you to develop the applications at an unbeatable speed. It can be used for building Mobile Apps, Web Apps, and Enterprise-Grade applications. Verdict: It will be easier for developers to deliver the applications and editing those applications with OutSystems Rapid Application Development Platform


Tagline: Low-code Application Development platform.

Mendix provides the platform for building applications. It supports application development for any device. It has an option of private cloud, public cloud, and on-premises deployment. It also provides the facilities of automated backups and horizontal scaling with the Enterprise edition. Verdict: Mendix is a rapid application development platform with offline working capabilities. It is easy to adopt and is perfect for anyone.


Tagline: Automate more codeless. Deliver powerful business applications, faster.

Appian’s intelligent automation platform will help organizations to build smart applications that will improve the business, customer engagement, and worker efficiency. It will ensure you about the security of your critical applications. Verdict: Appian is the provider of the software development platform. The Appian low code development platform is a combination of intelligent automation.

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